WMS Gaming has launched another brand new online slot machine. Their latest slot is an Ancient Roman/War themed slot called Roman Chariots and it arrived in several top UK online casinos towards the end of August 2014. This new slot has some great special features with 5 reels and 20 winning paylines.

The Roman Chariot slot can be launched instantly in your browser and it is available in the real money mode and in the free play demo mode. You can place a bet on this slot from just 0.40 coins per spin, which is ideal for low rollers, and the maximum cost per spin will set you back 20.00 coins.

The Wild Symbol is the Gladiator (on horse) and the Bonus Symbol is the Wheel. Other special symbols to keep an eye out for are the Spin Symbols, the Spin 2X Symbols, the Spin 3X Symbols, the Spin 5X Symbols and the Reset Symbols. Head straight to the paytable when launching this slot for the firs time just to familiarise yourself with how each of these special symbols work.

The Wild Symbol will substitute all of the regular symbols on the reels but it will NOT substitute any of the special symbol that were just mentioned and they will only ever land on reels 2, 3 and 4 of the MAIN set of reels.

Apart from the Bonus Wheel Symbol which will only ever land on reel 1 (the leftmost reel), all of the other previously mentioned special symbols will only ever land on reel 5 (the right most reel). The Wild Symbols can also appear stacked to fill an entire reel. If you look just above the main set of reels on this slot, you should notice three, much smaller, sets of reels (Reel Set A, Reel Set B and Reel Set C).

Each time a stacked Wild Symbol appears on the main set of reels, it will ‘Supercharge’ its corresponding wheel above by increasing the multiplier and then eventually when the Bonus Symbol lands on reel 1 and one of the Spin Symbols lands on reel 5, you will get to have a spin on one of the supercharged reels above.

A Stacked Wild Reel on reel 2 will charge up Reel Set A. A Stacked Wild Reel on reel 3 will charge up Reel Set B and a Stacked Wild Reel on reel 3 will charge up Reel Set C. This really does sound confusing, but it should become quite clear after you have taken a few spins on this new slot.

The best thing to do would be to play on this game in the free play mode just until you get the hang of it. Although it may take a bit of getting used to, it’s a great special feature and this slot is still well worth checking out. Roman Chariots should also start to appear in more UK online casinos over the coming weeks.