Making Complaints

Learn about your options when online casinos misbehave. UK players have several options when it comes to lodging complaints against online casinos.

Making a Complaint

While the majority of players will claim to have good experiences with online casinos, there is always the chance that an online casino will misbehave. If this does happen, players need to know how they can safely and effectively file a complaint about any online casino and have the issues addressed and hopefully resolved.

Complaining to Licensing Government

If players feel they have a legitimate complaint about an online casino, they will have to learn where the casino is licensed. The complaint can be directed to the governing body. Each online casino will usually have a link at the bottom of the page connecting players to the appropriate government website. Players will then submit complaint forms. In addition to the information required on the form, players should include any other relevant information as well as dates and times of incidents. Some governments will take immediate action and begin investigating the complaint. It may take weeks or even months to hear a response. If the claim is supported, the government will notify players on how to proceed.

Complaints to eCOGRA

Most online casinos that are reputable will attempt to handle any player complaint and rectify the situation. If the casino does not respond to multiple complaints and it is an eCOGRA casino, complaints can be directed to eCOGRA. This organisation will help players resolve casino disputes and will take any action against the casino as necessary. Since eCOGRA casinos must meet strict standards, player complaints are taken very seriously. Before filing with eCOGRA, players should always try to contact the casino directly and make sure that the complaint is legitimate and supported.

Use Websites for Complaints

When players have an issue with any online casino, they can make use of some websites to file complaints. While these are not formal complaints that are being filed, they will inform other players of the issue at hand. These websites are often referenced by new players looking for reliable and reputable online casinos and this information can be very helpful when making a decision. Players should direct their complaints to trusted sites, including Casino Meister and Ask Gamblers. These sites have a great reputation for reviewing and suggesting only the most reputable casinos available online.