Guide that provides information on how UK players can go about withdrawing funds from online casinos. Learn about withdrawing your winnings using direct deposit, checks, wire transfer and other popular methods of collecting winnings.



Not only do you want to make deposits at an online casino, you also want to make withdrawals. A withdrawal is the way that you are able to get your money and winnings out of an online casino and into your bank account. The withdrawal methods slightly differ from the deposit options as not all deposit methods can be used to make withdrawals. Withdrawals also take longer to process then deposits so you should expect to wait before you get any of your money.

How to withdraw from online casinos

Making a withdrawal at an online casino is the same as making a deposit. You will first need to have funds that you are able to withdraw.

Head to the cashier at the online casino and go to the withdrawals. You will then need to choose the withdrawal method that you prefer. It is a good idea to check if the casino charges any processing fees for the withdrawal and also how long it will take for the funds to be withdrawn.

Once you have selected your withdrawal method, choose the amount you want to withdraw and follow the steps and complete the transaction.

With your first withdrawal at an online casino, you might need to verify your identity, which is done by sending in identity documents etc. You will only need to do this once and once it is done, you will be able to make withdrawals freely.

Direct Deposit Withdrawals

Direct Deposit

A direct deposit withdrawal is a safe and secure way for you to make a withdrawal from an online casino. When you use this withdrawal method, the funds are sent directly to your bank account.

A direct deposit withdrawal is a fast way for you to make a withdrawal at a casino as you can expect the money in just a few business days.

However, if you want to use this withdrawal method, you will need to provide the casino with your bank information, which many players are not comfortable with. Keep in mind though that this is a highly secure way to make a withdrawal and your bank has the highest level of security.

A direct deposit withdrawal is then safe, secure and a fast way to withdraw your winnings.

Money Back to Credit Cards Withdrawals

Credit Cards

You are able to withdraw your money via credit card, which can be the same credit card you used to make a deposit at the casino. You will find that most online casinos will allow you to withdraw with Visa, but MasterCard is harder to find as a withdrawal option. If you used MasterCard to make a deposit, you may have to choose a different withdrawal method.

Making a withdrawal so the money is back on your credit card, is safe and secure and is often quite fast. A withdrawal with this method usually takes up to 3 business days and the money arrives back in your account. This is a secure way to withdraw as credit companies will have strict protections in place.

When you make a withdrawal with a credit card, you will need to give the online casino your credit card information, just as you would do with a deposit and select the amount that you want to withdraw.

Cheque Withdrawals


A cheque is an old-school form of getting paid that is still being used. There are many online casinos that will allow you to withdraw your winnings via cheque. This cheque will usually be posted to you and you will receive it in the mail or via courier.

As this is a physical cheque, you will need to wait for your winnings. The cheque will need to be processed and then it will need to be delivered to you and this can take up to a month. Also, once you have received your cheque you will still need to wait for it to clear. This is the slowest of all withdrawal options.

However, a cheque works no matter what your technical limitations are, so will be able to get your winnings.

If you would like to receive your withdrawal this way, then you will need to select it at the cashier and give them any information they may need for the cheque as well as the amount that you wish to withdraw.

Wire Transfer Withdrawals

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a popular method for online transactions, which includes withdrawals from online casinos. However, you need to be sure that the casino you are playing at is reputable and trustworthy if you plan to use a wire transfer as your chosen withdrawal method.

This is because you will need to share your bank account information with the casino. however, your withdrawal request will usually arrive in your bank account in 5 to 10 business days.

A wire transfer is a great choice for those that have used a deposit method that can’t be used for withdrawal like MasterCard.

However, you will need to check if your bank charges a fee for using this method for withdrawals.

Wire transfers are safe though as banks implement the highest standard of security, so you can be sure that your funds are safe.

PayPal Withdrawals


PayPal is an online payment system that is highly popular with online casino players. This payment method can be used to make deposits and withdrawals, so you can use the same method for both.

With a PayPal withdrawal, you will need to accept the payment that is being transferred to you and then once the funds are in your PayPal account, you are able to transfer these into your bank account if you want to.

However, you need to be aware that PayPal may charge a processing fee on the withdrawal, so you may not get the full amount.

Even though, you might be charged a fee, PayPal is one of the safest and securest online payment systems. Also, you will not have to give any of your banking information to the online casino, just your PayPal information.

You will usually receive your withdrawal in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the casinos processing time. This is then a fast way for you to receive your withdrawal. Keep in mind though that you will receive the funds into your PayPal account quickly, but it may take a little time for you to get them into your bank account.

Skrill Withdrawals


Skrill is an e-wallet service, which means you can expect fast withdrawals with this method. You are able to use Skrill for deposits and withdrawals making online casino banking a lot easier as you just need to use the one account.

Your withdrawal can arrive in your Skrill account in less than 24 hours. Once the funds are in your Skrill account, you are able to withdraw them with a bank wire transfer or a credit card. However, keep in mind that even if the online casino doesn’t charge you for using this method, Skrill may charge you for their service when you withdraw from the e-wallet.

Skrill is a highly secure way for online casino players to make withdrawals. You will only be able to use Skrill as a withdrawal method if you have used it to make a deposit. There are many online casinos that will offer bonuses for using this payment method for deposits, so it is worth using it and making your withdrawals this way as well.

NETELLER Withdrawals


Neteller is one of the leading e-wallet services that is used to make online payments. This e-wallet service offers fast and cheap deposits and withdrawals whilst offering a high level of security.

This is a popular payment method at online casinos, so you can be sure that all reputable online casinos will offer this method.

If you would like to withdraw your winnings with Neteller, then you will need to have used the same method for your deposit. Once you have made the withdrawal request, the funds should be in your e-wallet in less than 48 hours. Once the funds are in your Neteller account, you are able to withdraw them to your bank account. However, if you have an extended Neteller account, you will have a Net+Prepaid Card and your funds are available on this immediately and you can use it at ATMs.

You need to keep in mind that Neteller may charge fees for processing the withdrawal, however, these are small fees and are worth the security and speed that Neteller offers.