Learn about how to make deposits at popular UK online casinos and popular deposit options for British players including credit cards, debit cards, paypal, Skrill, NETELLER and others.



Online casinos offer players a number of ways for them to make deposits and the best method for you will be the one that offers you what you need.

Once you have registered for a casino account, there is still just one more thing that you need to do before you are able to start playing for real money, which is to make a deposit. If you would like to place real money wagers then you will first need to have funds in your casino account.

Most deposits are instant at online casinos, which means you will not have to wait to start playing your favourite casino games.

How to make deposits at online casinos

Making an online casino deposit is quick and easy. Once you have opened an account with an online casino, you will need to visit the cashier page at the online casino. This is where you are able to make your financial transactions.

In the deposits area, you will just need to select your preferred banking method and then follow the instructions to make the deposit.

Popular banking methods include credit and debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards. Reputable online casinos will offer these popular depositing methods, so that players will have no issues making deposits.

When you have chosen an online casino, make sure that it accepts your currency of choice like GBP for UK players. This will mean that you are able to make deposits in your chosen currency so you will not have to deal with any conversion fees and your casino account will reflect your currency making bankroll management a lot easier.

Credit Cards for Depositing (Visa and MasterCard)

Credit Cards

The most common method used by online players is Visa and this method is offered by almost every online casino. The biggest advantage of using Visa to make deposits is the safety and security that it offers. However, any transaction that you make using Visa, will appear on your bank statement. When you use Visa to make deposits, your money will appear instantly in your casino account, making it a convenient deposit method.

MasterCard is another popular method and is used by online casino players throughout the world. The best online casinos will accept MasterCard as a way for players to make deposits and usually, you will not be charged any fees for using this as a deposit method. As with Visa, deposits that are made with MasterCard will appear instantly in your casino account.

Making a deposit with a credit card is easy and works similarly to purchasing goods online with your credit card. Go to the cashier, enter your credit card information and the amount that you want to deposit. That’s it, you will now be able to start playing games for real money. You may find that other security measures have been put in place by your credit card company, but this is just to ensure that you are making the transactions.

Debit Cards for Depositing (Visa Debit, Maestro, Solo & Switch)

Deibt Cards

Another popular way for players to make deposits at an online casino is through debit cards like Visa Debit, Maestro, Solo and Switch.

When you choose to make a deposit with one of these debit cards, your deposit will be instant, which means you will be able to start playing online games a lot quicker. Also, debit cards are a safe way to make this transaction and also you will be less likely to overspend.

A debit card only gives you access to the cash that you have in your account, so you will be less likely to overspend because it is your money. With a credit card, you are borrowing money that has to be paid back at a later date, making it more tempting to overspend. You are then only able to spend what you have with a debit card.

When you use a debit card to make a deposit, you will usually not need to pay any transaction fees, but this depends on the online casino.

PayPal Depositing


PayPal is the largest online payment method that carries out an incredible number of transactions every day. However, PayPal is not as popular at online casinos, but you will still be able to find online casinos that allow you to make deposits with PayPal.

One reason that PayPal might not be as popular at online casinos could be due to the fees that PayPal charges individual merchants.

However, if you do choose to use PayPal as your deposit method, then your funds will reflect instantly in your online casino account and you can be sure that your transaction is safe and secure.

PayPal acts as a separate cheque account. A user will need to deposit funds into their PayPal account via a credit card or bank transfer so that they have money to use or a user will need to link their credit card to their PayPal account so that they are able to make automatic deposits. In this case, PayPal acts as a middleman so that you do not have to enter any of your credit card details at the online casino, making these completely private.

Skrill Depositing


Skrill was once called Moneybookers and this is one of the largest e-wallet services at the moment that is accepted at nearly every online casino. With Skrill, players are able to instantly send money to their online casino account.

With Skrill, you do not have to share your details with the casino as Skrill will handle the transaction.

If you want to make deposits with Skrill, then you will first need to open a Skrill account, which is simple and quick to do. Once you have a Skrill account, you will need to fund the account. You are able to do this with a credit card or a bank transfer. Once you have funds in your Skrill account, you can head to the cashier at the online casino and make the deposit.

You are also able to get a pre-paid MasterCard to attach to your account, which you are then able to use anywhere that MasterCard is accepted even at online casinos.

Online casinos usually don’t charge for using Skrill as your deposit method, but Skrill does charge you for using their service.

NETELLER Depositing


Neteller is another e-wallet service that is very popular and used at many online casinos. You will also find that some online casinos will even offer exclusive bonuses to players that use Neteller as their depositing method.

Neteller is another middle man service where players will not need to share their bank details with the online casino.

As with other e-wallet services, you will first need to open a Neteller account which is easy to do and then fund the Neteller account. You are able to link a credit card or bank account to Neteller and start making online transactions immediately. When you use Neteller to make a deposit, the funds are drawn from the linked source. Your information is kept safe and secure with Neteller as they employ top of the range security measures, which includes 128-bit SSL encryption.

Neteller offers players fast and secure transactions to online players where the money is deposited instantly so that you are able to play casino games for real money quickly. Online casinos will usually not charge for making a deposit with Neteller, but Neteller does charge transaction fees.

Paysafecard Depositing


Paysafecard is the perfect depositing method option for those that do not want to share any of their bank details online, as essentially players will be able to make deposits with cash.

Paysafecard is a pre-paid card, that you will need to buy from a shop that sells these cards. You need to purchase the voucher in the amount that you want. These vouchers are usually sold in certain denominations, but you are able to buy more than one card so you can get the amount that you want to deposit. Once you have the cards, you will see that they each have a 16-digit pin on them. At the online casino, visit the cashier and enter the pin to transfer the money from your Paysafecard to your online casino account.

In terms of pre-paid options, Paysafecard is one of the most popular choices that is accepted at online casinos.