Slot machines and online slots have been popular for many years. The online versions of slot machines allow players to spin the reels on popular games from the comfort of their own home. Online slots have advanced over the years with technology and now offer an abundance of features. Almost all online casinos featured here at BestUKCasinos feature hundreds of online slots which include video slots, progressives and 3 reel slots variations.


Are online slots fair to play for real money?

Yes, they are fair to play. An online slot machine will use a random number generator or RNG. This is a computer program that randomly selects numbers. These numbers are connected to a symbol and once the number is chosen the reel will stop spinning.

However, to ensure fair play on slots, you should make sure that the online casino you are playing online slots at does employ RNG and has their games tested and audited regularly. The online casinos that list are licensed and regulated and offer fair gameplay. They also offer online slots from top software providers, which means that the games are tested for fair and random play.

What kinds of slots games and variety can I expect to find at online casinos?

There are all kinds of slot games that you can play online. You will be able to find 3 reel classic slot games, where you need to match symbols on a single payline; multi-payline and multi-reel games and progressive slot games that are connected games with a huge jackpot.

Not only are there different kinds of online slot games, they can also offer different features. You may find that some slot games have bonus rounds, where you can earn free spins, a coin prize or a multiplier. There are even slot games that have mini-games to trigger.

How do wild and scatter symbols work in slots games?

A wild symbol can be used with any symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. The wild is then able to substitute for all other symbols that appear on the reels, which then helps to create wins. However, a wild cannot usually replace a scatter symbol or a bonus symbol. In some games, the wild may have their own prizes on offer.

The scatter symbol is usually the symbol you need to unlock bonus rounds in a slot game. A scatter will need to appear on the reels to open a bonus like free spins or a mini-game. Normally, you will need to land a certain number of scatter symbols on a single spin to launch the feature.

What are stacked and expanding wild symbols in slots games?

A stacked wild is a wild symbol that can cover a whole reel when it drops. There are some games where you are able to get stacked reels on every reel and others will only have them appearing on specific reels. A stacked wild can fill an entire reel or only the top or bottom part of a reel. A stacked wild will act like a wild and create winning combinations, but the potential for this is greatly increased.

An expanding wild will expand over the length of a reel from top to bottom and will turn every symbol on the reel, wild. This can then create several wins over multiple paylines. Once the symbol has expanded, every winning combination it creates is added to your bankroll in turn, which can result in large wins.

Are the payouts of progressive jackpot games less than regular games?

No, they are not. Progressive jackpots are best played with the maximum bet allowed with all paylines active as this increases your chances of hitting the jackpot.

However, even if you are not able to get the jackpot, you will find that the payout on these games is usually more than regular slot games.

Progressive jackpot games then behave differently to regular online slot games as you will only benefit from these when you bet the max and this will reward you with higher payouts.

Can I play online slots on my mobile phone?

Yes, you are able to play online slots on your mobile. There are many online casinos that are now compatible on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This allows players to play casino games on the go and these always include slot games.

Online slot games are optimised for mobile phones so they work and play well on the smaller screens. Software providers, like NetEnt, have created specific mobile slots like NetEnt Touch games.

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History of Slots

Slot machines have been around for a long time and were originally created by Charles August Fey in 1887. Soon, slot machines could be found in casinos and bars across America and throughout the rest of the world.

With the invention of the internet, slot machines made their way online. In the 1990s, online slots started to become popular with Liberty Bell being the first online slot game. Online casinos gained popularity during this time and online slots were a favourite with many online casino software providers developing these games.

There are now hundreds of online slot games and they range from classic 3 reel slots to multi-reel games and progressive jackpots. Technology has developed and now online slot games look amazing. Software providers have come leap and bounds with online slots and with the way they look and function. They now offer 3D graphics, with customised soundtracks and smooth gameplay. Software providers also look at how they can make games even more exciting with bonus rounds, mini-games and more.

Online slot games take up the majority of an online casino as many people prefer to play these types of games.

How to Play Slots - Rules of the Game

The first thing that you need to know about online slots is that they usually have five reels and the other thing that you need to know is they have multiple paylines, which means that wins can appear in almost any direction.

There are special symbols in online slots, which include wilds that can help to create winning combinations, scatter symbols that can unlock special features and bonus symbols and free spins symbols. These do not appear in every online slot, so it will depend on the game.

There are also special features in online slot games, which will differ from game to game. These bonus features can include a free spins round, a mini-game where you can win a multiplier, a coin prize or free spins and other such features and rounds.

Playing an online slot is pretty easy. The reels are displayed in front of you on the screen and below, you will find your action buttons where you are able to choose your bet size, the number of paylines to play unless these are fixed paylines and the spin button. There could also be an autoplay button and a max bet button. Once you have decided on your bet size and the number of paylines if possible, you just need to click the spin button to make the reels’ spin. They will then stop and any wins are evaluated.

That’s it, you are now playing online slots. It is a good idea to take a look at the specific paytable for the game to know what the winning combinations are and how to unlock any features. Also, the features may have their own rules, which you will then need to know.

Slots Tips and Advice

There is no sure way to win at online slots as they use random number generators to create their outcomes, which means that the games are completely random, but there are some tips that you can use to help you play.

It is a good idea to find a casino that has a high payout and offers high payouts on the slot game that you want to play as this will increase your chances.

On a progressive jackpot game, keep in mind that you will need to bet and play the maximum if you want the chance to win the jackpot.

If the online casino offers a bonus that you can use on slot games, then you should claim it as it will increase your bankroll and offer you more time to play.

Keep an eye on your bankroll at all times, as slot games can burn through your money quickly if you are not careful. You should play online slots that suit your bankroll so play will last longer.

Remember that slot games should be fun and you should enjoy playing them.