Video Poker

Video Poker

Video poker combines the mechanics of slot games with the thrill of poker, so if you are a poker fan then you will enjoy playing these games. Video poker is easy to learn and play, but it does involve some skill and strategy. There are a number of different video poker games that have their own rules and gameplay, so before you jump in and start playing, make sure that the game doesn’t have any special rules that you need to know about.


Can I play both single hand and multi-hand video poker online?

Yes, you are able to play both single and multi-hand video poker games online.

Single hand video poker games are the original versions of the game and there are many variations of the game. In in single hand games, you are dealt just 5 cards and there is one draw after the player chooses which cards to hold.

In multi-hand games, players will play multiple hands at once. In these games, you are first dealt 5 cards and then get to choose what cards to hold. The cards that you choose to hold, will then be in every hand that you are playing.

What online casino software is preferred generally by video poker players?

Video poker players prefer casino software and games that offer the best payouts and also a good variety of video poker games.

Microgaming offers 18 video poker games, which includes 2 progressive video poker games. There best game is All Aces that has a payout of 99.92%.

Realtime Gaming offers 16 video poker games, but no progressives. There best game is Joker Poker Single Hand as it has a payout of 100.18%.

Playtech offers just 9 video poker games, which includes one progressive. There best game is Two Ways Royal that has a payout of 99.80%.

Are there different variations of video poker that can be played online?

Yes, there are a number of video poker variations that can be played online. These video poker variations are based on the same rules, but they do usually have a unique rule that you need to be aware of before you start playing.

Video poker variations include Jacks or Better, Double Bonus, Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Jokers Wild, Tens or Better, Bonus Deuces Wild and Deuces and Joker. You will be able to find single hand video poker variations and multi-hand video poker variations.

How does the gamble feature work in video poker?

There are video poker machines that have a gamble feature that can be used at the end of every win. In the gamble feature, you have the chance to double your money or lose everything. In the gamble feature, you may need to pick whether a card drawn from a deck will be red or black or you will be shown a card and to win you need to pick a card from four face down cards. You will want to pick a card that is higher in value than the face up card.

The gamble option is optional and you do not have to gamble your win.

Do most online casinos offer video poker that can be played for free?

No, not all online casinos will offer video poker games that you can play for free.

There are of course online casinos that do offer free play or demo play on the games that they offer and this will include video poker games. If the online casino does offer free play, it means that you are able to try the video poker game for free before wagering any real money. This can help you to learn how the game is played and practice video poker strategies.

There are some online casinos listed at that do offer free video poker games for you to play.

Are there any progressive video poker games I can play?

Yes, there are. The progressive jackpot in video poker continues to grow as more and more players play. Every time you place a bet on a progressive jackpot video poker game, a percentage of the wager is taken and goes into the jackpot. This then carries on growing until someone wins it.

In order to win a progressive jackpot, you will need to get a certain hand combination and this will depend on the progressive video poker game that you are playing.

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History of Video Poker

Video poker has been growing in popularity since the 1980s. The first video poker variation was actually played in 1901. Charles Fey, the inventor of the slot machine, added the draw feature to his machine. This allowed players to spin twice whilst holding some drums in place that contained card symbols.

In 1979, the first modern day video poker machine was created by Sircoma and the first video poker machine was called Draw Poker.

In the 1980s, video poker gained popularity, because people found that playing against a machine was less intimidating than playing with a dealer and other players.

Now, you are able to find video poker games at most online casinos. They usually offer a good selection of games as well as variations.

How to Play Video Poker - Rules of the Game

Video poker is actually easy to learn and all games are based on the same basic rules and gameplay.

The payouts in video poker are determined by the hand that you get. Winning hands follow the same poker hands like two pair, three of a kind, straight and so on.

Once you have made your bet, you will be dealt 5 cards. In video poker, you will usually find the paytable and winning hands above the playing table. Take a look at the 5 cards you have been dealt and choose which of these cards you would like to hold. You are able to hold as many cards as you want or you can choose not to hold any of the cards. Once you have made your choice, you will receive your second draw. The cards that you chose not to hold are replaced with new cards. Your 5 card hand is now complete and will be evaluated for wins.

There might be some rule changes depending on the variation that you are playing. For instance, in Deuces Wild the 2 is a wild card and will substitute for any rank and suit.

Video Poker Tips and Advice

It is a good idea when you play video poker to play the maximum coins so that you able to take full advantage of the royal flush. These are rare to get, but when you do, you will be able to get 800-1 on this if you play the maximum.

You should always check the paytables for the video poker game and see what the return to player is so that you are able to get the most gameplay from your bankroll.

If the casino offers practice play or free play, then you should use it. This will allow you to understand and learn how the game works and to also try video poker strategies. These strategies will tell you what to do based on the hand that you are dealt.

You should only play video poker or any game for that matter with stakes that you are able to afford. You need to prepare to lose and only play with money that you are ok with losing.