A new betting and gambling law has come into force in the United Kingdom on the 31st of August. This law makes it possible for betting companies to advertise their casinos and gambling websites for the first time since online casinos opened.  It is now also possible for online casinos to accept gambling bets from players visiting their web sites from all over the world.

Many companies such as William Hill and the Gala Group, known for their many betting and gambling sites such as popular bingo websites, are now approved for advertising. These companies have both received their long awaited virtual betting and gambling casino licenses and they were only two of the 300 companies that applied for a license. Not all of these companies were granted a license and even if you entered a license request there is never a guarantee that your company will actually make it onto the betting game market.

Bets were accepted immediately after midnight on the 31st  and companies offered first time players a nice bonus to play. As a result of this new law many American betting companies are looking into basing their business in the UK as American legislation is making it more and more complicated to run a healthy casino business from this country.

The American Betting and gambling Enforcement Act prevents any site from using a credit card transaction to collect payments for gambling on the Internet. Due to this new law casino companies have been forced to close their online gambling sites. Instead these companies are now focusing on the European mainland and Asia for their customers.

Even though it appears that European gamblers appear to spend less money on casino games and more on quicker betting games and online games such as bingo, American companies are convinced that they can make a significant profit by entering the UK market.

Online gambling is becoming one of the main reasons why people surf UK based internet sites on and also why many new companies try their luck at starting their own Internet betting site. There are specific sites aimed at women such as the bingo websites.

These sites will be advertised mainly in women’s magazines and research has shown that UK bingo sites are very popular during daytime hours. Games are being promoted through advertising in magazines and on the television and even though it might take the British consumer a little while to get used to the thought of playing a betting game on the Internet, the expectations when it comes to gambling site membership sales is high.