Everyone knows that the online casino. sportsbook and online poker room are a big industry throughout the world, but there is a fourth big player in the world of online gambling, that over the years has, like casino and poker, grown rapidly and continues to see great success.  This form of online gaming is online Bingo and since 1996,  CyberBingo.com has been a major player in this online business.

Last month CyberBingo announced that due to their continued and growing success along with the rapidly growing market in the UK specifically, they have launched a site that caters exclusively to UK members, CyberBingo.co.uk.

The director of Marketing at CyberBingo, Joe Peterson declared: "The UK has been one of the fastest growing markets for online gaming for some time now and for bingo, there's no better fit for us”, and goes on to say, “For the past 10 years, the UK has consistently been our largest clientele after the U.S. so it made sense going into our second decade in business that a CyberBingo website exclusively catered to UK players was necessary."

The longest running Bingo site online, CyberBingo is among the most trusted gaming operations on the web and 1996 was given the Site of the Year award.  At CyberBingo you’ll find a large variety of multi-pattern bingo games, video poker, slot games as well as a number of play for free games.

All of CyberBingo top games including both Bingo75 and Bingo90 varieties can be found at their new site CyberBingoUK.   The new site is powered by the corporation’s newest and most advance software technologies and CyberBingo believes that it is sure to be a great success,

"Our formula of easy game play, huge jackpots, and quality customer service has been the primary reason we've been one of the most popular bingo sites since 1996 and it's a formula that will serve us well in new markets through 2007 and beyond," says Joe Peterson, "We're off to a great start in the UK and it will only get better from here."

incorporates the latest, most advanced version of their proprietary software. Both Bingo75 and Bingo90 varieties of bingo games are available for players as well as CyberBingo's trademark - large guaranteed fixed cash prizes. To kick off CyberBingo UK's launch, an amazing £100 bonus on all first time deposits is currently being offered, no matter the amount funded. There is also a free £20 bonus to all those who sign up as a test trial.