Online poker software provider Cryptologic has introduced a new and exciting poker tournament concept where players win additional cash each time they knock an opponent out of the game.  This innovative industry first is called the Headhunter Challenge.

Each player will pay a buy-in and entry fee of  an equal amount in a Headhunter tournament.  The fees will then be divided by about 50%, allocating half towards the prize pool and the other half towards the price of a head.

Now each time a player eliminates another player, he or she will win the amount of the ‘bounty’ placed on that particular players head.  These winnings are over and above any of the standard prize pool winnings.

There is a catch to being the best Headhunrer of the game however.  Each time you eliminate an opponent and earn the extra cash, the price for your head increases.  This now makes you a larger target for your rival players, who now see you as an opponent more worth their while to eliminate.

This ingenious new type of tournament can be enjoyed by poker players at all Cryptologic run poker rooms on the web today, including, InterPoker, WilliamHill, PlayboyPoker and SunPoker, to name a few.  To find out where else you can play in Headhunter tournament or for more information check out, a website designed by Crypto specifically intended for this new venture.  

On top of the Headhunter tournaments, Cryptologic has also released some great new features  that will aid their players in improving their game play by allowing them to review certain major hands as well as by identifying each big matches key turning points.    

"CryptoLogic continues to blaze the Internet poker trail with software that gives players more entertainment, more information and more innovation," said Javaid Aziz, President and CEO of CryptoLogic.  

“The Headhunter Challenge tournament is an industry first and should be a major marketing draw for our customers. And with CryptoLogic's new Tournament Key Hands Review tool, we're giving players more tools than ever to improve their games - and their entertainment experience." Adds Aziz.