Online Software provider, Cryptologic has recently been approved for it’s new listing on the London Stock exchange.  The corporation has joined the LSE after a reorganization of the company which moved it’s corporate headquarters to Dublin and is now incorporated under the laws of Guernsey.

Shareholders in Toronto approved the arrangement on May 24th in the Canadian city.  It has also been confirmed that one-for-one voting rights will be maintained for shareholders of Cryptologic Limited and Cryptologic Exchange Corporation.  The company now trades on the London Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange.  

With over 90% of their licensee revenues coming from players in UK and continental Europe, it only makes sense that the online gaming software provider lists on the London Stock Exchange and has it’s headquarters closer to their core market.   

After the recent ban on online gambling activities on the US, all Cryptologic licensees have removed themselves from the US market and have altered their marketing and business processes to target the growing UK and European markets.  Cryptologic is also expanding their business into the asian markets, For those interested in the London Stock Exchange, Cryptologic will be listed by the symbol CRP.