Usually the news of big slots wins are those featuring progressive jackpots when one spin makes all the difference. However there is occasional news of a player starting with a small bankroll and painstakingly increasing it with moderate wins over a few days. It was this second type of win that was registered by Hasmik L.A.S. of California playing at Royal Ace online casino.

Hasmik started with a bankroll of $100 late at night on September 25 and on the afternoon of September 27 made a request for withdrawing $410,000. This information was released by Royal Ace customer service manager, Paulie Mancini, through a press release on September 30. As is the practice for such large withdrawal requests, Mancini reviewed the player’s account and was amazed at the manner in which Hasmik had managed to keep on winning. Mancini felt that this story would prove an inspiration for other slot players and must be told.

Hasmik was lucky right from the beginning. Within the first four hours of play she had managed to increase the bankroll from $100 to more than $8,000. Early in the morning of September 26, at about 3 AM, Hasmik recorded her first big hit. She was playing on the slot game called Paris Beauty when she won $64,000 in a single spin. Hasmik persisted with this slot game even though her balance kept dipping. Fortunately she registered a couple of hits for $15,000 and reached very close to the $100,000 mark.

Mancini said that Hasmik then shifted to Triple Toucan slot game, which is also very popular at Royal Ace online casino. On Triple Toucan Hasmik made two reasonable hits of $45,000 and $27,000. It was then that she made the biggest hit of all. Playing the free spin feature on Triple Toucan Hasmik won $270,000. This took her balance to about the $400,000 mark. Hasmik is a responsible and mature player. At that point she called it a day and leaving a few hundred dollars in her online casino account she made a request for withdrawing $410,000.

As of now it is not known what Hasmik has said about her winning this bonanza. However Mancini has expressed his immense pressure. He said, “This is one of the biggest slots wins we have seen to date, and all of us here are very excited for her. It’s not every day we get to congratulate someone on winning almost half a million dollars.”

As the news of Hasmik’s good luck spreads the two slot games on which she made her fortune are bound to become more popular at Royal Ace online casino. The casino is powered by software from Real Time Gaming. Paris Beauty is a progressive jackpot slot game that brings to the reels the tourist attractions of Paris like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Triple Toucan has a South Sea island feel about it with symbols like exotic fruits and exotic birds.