Play Points at Grosvenor Casino are basically loyalty rewards points but they can be earned when playing at Grosvenor Casino either on desktop, on mobile, or at your local land-based Grosvenor Casino. You can start earning redeemable Play Points at Grosvenor Casino from the moment you sign up and start spending money.

If you are already a Grosvenor Casino customer, the good news is that you can easily link your physical Play Points loyalty card to your online account and then start earning Play Points online as well. To link your Play Points card all you need to do is enter your customer card number and your date of birth into the required field on the Play Points page at Grosvenor online casino.

After you’ve entered the correct information you will then be redirected to the login page where you can either login or fill out the simple online application form to register a new online account. On this page which asks you ‘Do you have a Grosvenor Casinos membership card?’ you can check ‘Yes, get my details (I am already a Grosvenor Casinos member and I would like to use my customer details to register.) or you can check ‘No, I’m a new Customer.’

The good news is that each new player who signs up here today can also instantly double up on their first ever deposit thanks to the 100% matching deposit bonus which is currently worth up to £200. As soon as you have logged in / registered, your card should have automatically linked to your account and then when this has happened you can start collecting and redeeming Play Points every time you play online, on mobile, or at your local casino.

There are lots of amazing real world gifts that you can spend your Play Points on such as the latest gadgets, luxury hotel breaks, flying lessons and so much more – there’s an ideal gift for everyone. Simply choose a gift from the amazing catalogue, note the name and ID number of that gift and then order at the cash desk of your local casino. Your chosen gift will then be delivered to your local Grosvenor Casino so that you can collect.

Becoming a Play Points Gold Card member also comes with special privileges such as a special birthday offer, the ability to redeem Play Points for personalised rewards, special access to deals & offers that only Gold Card holders have access to and great bonus levels on each Play Points promotional offer. Go to this top UK online casino today and become a part of one of the best online casino loyalty rewards programs in the world.