Whenever you launch an online slot in the real money mode one of the first things that you need to do when the game has finished loading is to set your stake. On most 5 reeled online slots today you can often take one spin of the reels from as little as £0.10 to £0.50 per spin right the way up to £500.00 or more per spin. Sometimes the default stake can be set to more than you can afford and if you don’t adjust this to begin with you could find your bankroll being eaten away at in no time at all.

For example if you only deposited £10 and the cost per spin is set to £2.50, it means that you will only get 4 spins on the game and if you don’t win on any of those spins your session time at the casino will have lasted less than 20 seconds. You could perhaps reduce your stake to around £0.25 per spin and this will give you much more playing time. We also recommend playing each spin with the full amount of paylines active, to ensure that you never miss out on any line wins.

However, you will find on some online slots that you cannot reduce or increase the number of paylines / win ways that each spin is paid with. It’s always a good idea to check before you hit spin though. One of the other crucial pieces of advice is to NEVER spend more than you can afford. If you make a deposit and then end up losing it all, the best thing to do would be to just log out of your account and then try again another day. NEVER try and chase your losses because more often than not you will only end up losing even more of your hard-earned cash.

If you end up winning then you could perhaps withdraw half or more of your winnings and then leave the rest in your account for another day. Many online slots today also tend to have an optional Gamble Feature, but only use feature this if you’re feeling really lucky. If you feel as though you have hit a losing streak on a slot machine then just close the game and either try reloading it, or just try playing on a new game altogether. To play on a wide range of online slots right now, either in the real money mode or in the free pay demo mode, go to any of our reviewed UK online casinos and register your free account.