Signing up to an online casino today, or to any other site which offers real cash gambling services, is relatively straightforward and the sign up process is basically the same at each individual site. Although the actual online application form may look slight different at each site, the personal details that each operator requires will basically be the same.

When you visit an online casino and decide that you want to try out some of the games in the real cash mode, you would need to register an account with that casino and this means that you would need to fill out the simple online application form. This is to prove that you are over the age of 18 and that you are legally permitted to play in the casino from where you are based. For example, many US players encounter player location restrictions when trying to sign up to an online casino because of harsh US online gambling laws.

UK players don’t generally encounter these player location restrictions, but some online casinos DON’T actually welcome UK player, but this will become clear when you attempt to sign up. You will find this out when you attempt to sign up and try to enter your address because your home country may or may not be an option. Sometimes, a popup will show up saying something like ‘players from your country are unable to sign up here’, or words to that effect.

When you fill out the casino application form, you will need to enter some of the following details: Your Title (Mr/Mrs etc.), your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, (daytime and/evening number, plus mobile number is usually optional) and Date of Birth. As mentioned, you will then need to enter your Country of Residence and the Preferred Currency that you wish to play in.

You will then need to enter your current Home Address, with Postcode, plus you will need to enter the House Name/Number, Street Name and County. The casino will then need you to create a new Username, Nickname and/or Alias, which will be on display each time you are logged in. Occasionally another user might already be using that name, so in this case you would need to be creative and come up with a new one.

You will also need to create a new and memorable password, but nothing that can easily be hacked. One of the next steps will be to create a Security Question, or use one of the examples, plus you will need an answer for this question. The casino may also ask if you want to Receive Promotional Offers via email, SMS, Calls or Post, so you would need to check/uncheck the appropriate boxes.

Finally, after you have reviewed that the details which you have provided are accurate and truthful, you will probably then be prompted to check the box marked, ‘I agree to accept the Terms and Conditions’ box, etc. Once you have confirmed this and accepted the T’s & C’s, your new account should then automatically be created within a few seconds.

All that’s left to do know is make your first deposit using one of several popular UK online casino banking methods. Don’t forget to claim whatever welcome bonus you are entitled to as a new player.