Once players have selected a reputable casino online, they will have to fund their casino account by making a deposit to the casino. While many players are leery of this process, it is actually quite safe. Players will be protected by security measures and can select some of the most trusted deposit options available online.

How to Make Deposits at Online Casinos

Making a cash deposit to a chosen online casino is very easy and extremely safe. Most of the reputable online casinos will use secure software that adds protection to players as they conduct a deposit transaction. Players will select a preferred payment method based on what is supported at the casino. Many online casinos will allow credit cards to be used, but this may not be an option for all players. In these cases, an alternative or electronic payment method will be selected. Players will register for an account with the selected payment service and will enter financial information. When funds are added to that account, they can then be transferred to any online casino that supports that particular payment service.

Popular UK Player Deposit Options

Players from the UK will find that they have many options that are available when they are funding their casino account. It is very common for players to use a major credit card to do this, but there are also other options that are available. By selecting a popular and trusted UK payment method, players will know they are using a respected service that offers great levels of security. It is important for the online casino to also use encryption software to add further protection. The most popular and trusted UK payment methods will allow players to easily and safely transfer funds to their casino account so they can enjoy some of the great cash casino games available.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are by far the most popular methods of payment at UK online casinos. Players can use Visa and MasterCard to add funds to their account without incurring any additional fees. Since many players already have these cards in possession, they make for an easy and safe way to fund a casino account online.

Debit Cards

Debit Cards may be the most trusted payment method for UK players. Almost every UK registered casino will accept a variety of debit cards, including Visa Debit, Maestro, Switch and Laser. Using a debit card will allow for a fast transaction and all payments are secure. Debit cards can also help players avoid overspending at the casino since they are linked to a personal bank account. If that account has no funds, the debit card transaction will be denied.


NETeller is the most reliable electronic payment method in UK online casinos. Players will first open a NETeller account and deposit funds to this new account by using an electronic funds transfer, bank deposit, credit card, Fcash or InstaCash. Once funds are available, players can simply use this payment method at any online casino that supports NETeller. No transaction fees will be incurred when making an online casino deposit with this method.


Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, is perhaps the most known payment method in online casinos. This payment service works as NETeller, where players will have to register and add funds to the account. Many UK online casinos will not charge a fee when Skrill is used, allowing players to securely make fast transactions with no worries. This payment service supports 41 currencies and is available in 200 countries.


Ukash is available only to UK and European players. The service required players to purchase a voucher that will include a 19 digit number. This prepaid voucher can be redeemed at any supporting online casino by selecting the Ukash payment method and entering the 19 digits. The benefit to using Ukash is that players will be able to set spending limits since the voucher must be purchased before use.