Coming soon to some of our featured UK online casinos is the new Wild Worlds online slot from NetEnt. This exciting new action & feature packed slot has a Science Fiction / Super Heroes / Futuristic theme and it’s expected to arrive in casinos on Tuesday 9th April, 2019. This game has 5 reels and it introduces a new winning format known as the Destroy Feature, which basically removes symbols of all colours but one from the reels. This is similar to the Cluster Pays feature and Collapsing Reels feature which some of you will already be familiar with by now.

There’s lots more happening on this currently unreleased slot and while playing this game you will also randomly be awarded with the Hero Wilds feature where a win on any of the Hero Symbols will turn those symbols into Wild Symbols for an even bigger payout. You also get to travel through as many as three different Free Spins Worlds and at each new world you can look forward to some kind of exciting new Wild feature. You basically get to progress on this game by defeating monsters during normal play as you earn points with the help of hero attacks and hero special attacks.

For example at the Dark Forest you can win big thanks to the Spreading Wild Symbol that are placed onto random positions on the reels. At the Ice World a stack of 2 Heavy Wild Symbols are added to the reels when the weak spot of a monster has been destroyed and at the Fire Lands level anywhere from 2 to 4 Wild Symbols are placed onto random positions on the reels to help form bigger winning combinations for you. The main two types of alien monsters that you must try and defeat are the Captains (15 health points) and The Boss (105 health points).

Each time a new winning combination forms on the reels and contains Hero Symbols, it will deal a blow to one of the monsters and then as soon as one of the corresponding health meter below each super hero has been completely filled, it will then carry out a Hero Special Attack. This all sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is and for a better description on how this works the best thing to do would be to head straight over to NetEnt’s official YouTube channel right now where you can catch a mini preview video of this game in action. The new Wild Worlds slot looks like a fun new game and we can’t wait for it to arrive.