When playing casino games online, players will often amass cash rewards as a result of playing games, In order to receive this money, each player must use a supported withdrawal method at the online casino. These methods are safe and secure and often offer fast transactions and no transaction fees.

How to Make Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Many players make the mistake of assuming that withdrawals can be made using the same methods as deposits. While there are some payment services that do support both transactions, many do not. This means that players will have to use a different method to remove the cash from their player account. By selecting trusted and reliable withdrawal methods, players will quickly and easily be able to transfer funds from their player account and have the money sent to another account where the funds will become available. There are some methods that will set limits on the amount of withdrawals and how often withdrawals may be made.

Popular UK Player Withdrawal Options

Most online casinos that are operating in the UK will offer a variety of services that can be used to make casino withdrawals. It is important for players to realise that they may have to use a different method than when they made a casino deposit. When transactions are processed through reliable casinos, players will be protected by secure software that makes the withdrawal process safe. By choosing the most popular and trusted methods, players will easily be able to withdraw funds from the online casino. With many options available, players should look for methods that have low, or no processing fees and fast processing times.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit withdrawals are a great and safe way to remove casino funds. These transactions send the requested amount directly to the player’s bank account. While bank information does have to be divulged, this is one of the fastest ways to make a withdrawal from UK online casinos.

Money Back to Credit Cards

Some casinos that accept credit cards as a payment method will also reverse the transaction and send money to the credit card when the player requests a withdrawal. This is one of the safer ways to remove casino funds as they are sent right to the credit card and available for use immediately.


If players deposited using an electronic payment method that does not support withdrawals, they can request a check from the online casino. This is usually a long process and players may not receive their withdrawal amount for up to 2 or 3 weeks. The checks are sent through standard mail and can be cashed or deposited at any bank.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are used the least, but they are a reliable withdrawal method. This process involves initiating the withdrawal through the casino. The player must then have an account where the wire transfer will be sent. The receiving institution will then send a message to the casino, approving the transfer.


NETeller withdrawals are fast, secure and simple. As long as the player has an active NETeller account, they can request a casino withdrawal. The funds will be instantly transferred to the NETeller account and players can then access the cash. The cash can either be used for future purchases or can be removed at select ATMs.


Skrill withdrawals are very popular. Players will simply request a withdrawal amount and the money will be sent to the Skrill account. The player can then decide to let the money stay in the account or have it transferred to a bank account or credit card. There is a £1.80 fee for these transactions. If players elect to receive a check from Skrill, they will incur a cost of £3.50.


Selecting a withdrawal through Ukash is instant. Players will have the funds available in the Ukash account at once. Te money can then be withdrawn at any ATM that supports Ukash. Players can also leave the money in the account and use it at another casino or to make future deposits.