Video poker is a game that can be played in any land casino and is also available in most online casinos. This game offers poker fans a great game that has some of the best odds in the house. With multiple variations developed over the years, video poker is now one of the most popular games in any casino.


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History of Video Poker

Video poker was one of the last games to be added to casinos. In 1981, this new form of poker was found in many land casinos and it instantly became a popular choice among players. The first variation of video poker was Draw Poker and the game was pretty primitive. Over the years, new variations were introduced; including the ever popular Jacks or Better and now, players can find some amazing video poker games, including games that allow as many as 100 hands to be played at one time. The video poker games found online and in land casinos today offer various pay tables and features, making the game an exciting form of poker for all players.

Rules - How To Play Video Poker

The rules for playing video poker will vary depending on the variation that has been selected. When playing a single hand, the game uses a standard deck of 52 cards unless there is a wild card in play. Players will place a bet on the hand and will be dealt five cards. The goal is to create the best ranking poker hand possible. Players will have the opportunity to hold or discard cards and will receive new cards in place of discarded ones. Players can only discard one time. Once the new cards are dealt, the video poker machine will automatically determine the winning amount and will credit the player. The only variation in rules is the starting payout. Some video poker games will offer a payout on a pair of 10s or better while others will not pay the player unless they have 2 pair or better.

The amount that is bet will help players earn more money with a winning hand. When players increase their bet, the pay table will change and will reflect new payouts. Players should always play the highest amount possible to ensure high payouts when they get a ranking hand. While most video poker games have a top payout for a natural royal flush, some will offer even more for five of a kind. There are also bonus video poker games that will allow players to gamble the amount they have won in hopes of doubling the winning amount.

Video Poker Tips

Players will often develop various strategies when playing video poker. While there is no one proven strategy, it is possible to hold cards that will lead to ranking hands. One mistake many players make is holding low pairs. These are not good cards to hold because there is a very low chance of being dealt a third card to match. Instead, players should keep the highest ranking card if they do not have a ranking hand at the deal. Some players will choose to discard all five cards in this case. If there is a pair in the hand, avoid holding any additional cards as this will reduce the chances of getting a better ranking hand. If paying pairs are present, always hold these cards instead of trying for a flush or a straight. Players should always take a guaranteed win instead of chancing losing the bet. If the video poker game offers autoplay, this may be a great option for new players. The machine will automatically hold the best cards so that players can learn the basic strategy while watching.