Roulette is actually a simple casino game with players trying to predict where the ball will land following each spin. While the concept of the game is simple, some players will take time to learn the best betting strategies, even though the game is really based on luck. Many land and online casinos will offer Roulette tutorials to help new players become familiar with the rules and provide tips for playing.


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History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around. It first originated in France, where the name of the game means small wheel. The layout that is used in online and land casinos today was first used in 1765. Immigrants from France introduced the game to Americans and the first game of Roulette appeared in US casinos in 1900. Roulette is now found in every casino and offers an exciting way for players to win money. The game is simple and can offer some great rewards. Players selecting to play roulette should be aware that the European and French versions are slightly different from the American version in regards to the wheel, but all rules remain the same.

Rules - How To Play Roulette

Roulette is not a difficult game to learn and it can be entertaining and rewarding on a lucky day. As long as players know how to place bets, they should have no problem stepping up to the table and enjoying the game. The game is usually played with up to 8 players and all rules are the same when playing online. The dealer, or croupier will spin the wheel and handle all wagers and cash rewards. When playing European and French roulette, the wheel will only have 37 spaces, with one being zero. The American version of the game offers 38 spaces with two zeroes. Each player at the table will have different coloured chips that will be used to bet.

Bets are placed on the table, either on a specific number or on other parts of the table. Players can cover a block of numbers, en entire row or column or can bet on black or red. The dealer will announce “no more bets” and the wheel will spin. Once the ball has settled, the number will be announced and players will be paid according to the bets they have placed.

Roulette Tips

Since Roulette is largely based on luck, it is almost impossible to develop any strategies to help win at the table. Players should follow a few tips if they do want to be successful. Winning at Roulette depends on two things: luck on that particular day and whether the player knows their limits. There is no way to challenge the mathematical advantage of this game. There has never been a successful betting or strategy guide developed for the game of Roulette. However, players can limit losses by betting wisely and staying within a budget. They should also know when to take their win and call it a day. While it is possible to have multiple wins in a row, a winning streak is rare and should not be expected.

Many players will make the mistake of betting against themselves. If more than one number is being played, they should be played in a manner where it will be possible to win with all bets if the correct number is hit.